Prayer Teams


We provide the "How to's" from the beginning of creating a prayer team to hints and suggestions on how to run meetings, while discovering individual's gifts and talents.  We can provide several resources to guide you in the phases of starting and nurturing a Holy Spirit-led Prayer Team that can make a difference for God's Kingdom.

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Our Prayer Teams



Teams meet to pray, connect and grow in the Word of God together. Email us to learn time and locations if you would like personalized prayer in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. We will connect you with one of our teams.

Coordinated by individual teams on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule to provide Bible-based inspired teaching and receive prayer from our Prayer Team.

Why the need for prayer teams?

Our world changes for the better through prayer and united hearts. We can make a difference for the Kingdom through strategic times of prayer, encouraging one another while hearing and following God's leading.  There truly is power in prayer and the gathering of praying women availeth much. We were not meant to go through this life alone.


Scheduled according to group's availability and stream-lined to meet the specific group needs.


Become Part of Our Community


We long for each woman to be an integral part of a group of united women for Jesus Christ.  One that always connects you should you need prayer support at any given moment.  It is our goal to provide you training and resources to create your own Prayer Team in your community or church. We compliment Christian organizations and churches with our goal of encouraging prayer and tapping into one anothers gifts to flourish right where you are.

Ready to start a prayer team?

We work with groups that desire to learn how to hear God's voice and follow His leading to encourage others in life's journey. We help train and provide resources to help your community thrive where your gifts can be used for God's glory. Our training is designed with flexibility to meet the needs of the lives you touch.

Prayer Teams