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Hope in the Struggle

Layla Freeman, Founder of "Light of Hope" shares a glimpse into her trauma that elevated her to help others with resources to help rebuild their lives and reset them into a course that is God's purpose for them, not addictions and depression. She works alongside the DEA's (Drug Enforcement Adm) office to help educate students through the L.E.A.D. program to empower young people with scientific knowledge of the effects drugs have. She spreads a lot of hope for those struggling in the dark places!


Show Notes

Difficult childhood with a traumatic event at the age of 13, followed by an abusive marriage mixed with addictions due to no skills to help her through it. She moved too often for friends, counselors, or support to help her in the dark places.

”Sometimes children are left to deal with trauma alone and not given the tool sets of how to manage the abuse that they’ve gone through.”

Later in life, she found an amazing man to marry. Life was still full of trauma including family deaths, daughters with issues regarding health and a car accident. Overwhelmed by it all, emotions from her past and new ones led her alcoholism and suicidal tendencies. HOPE CAME when she found a great counselor and was able to get the mental health care that she needed.

”I truly surrendered, I allowed Him (God) to take over and I began feeling his presence in every moment of my life. I internally healed, which takes care of any substance abuse issue.”

Let Hope Arise

  1. Give yourself permission to feel.

  2. Give yourself permission to be broken.

  3. Allow God to heal you.

”He placed me in places with people, surrounding me that built me up as I grew in my recovery and healing; my strength in Him continued to manifest“

Her 16 year old daughter began to struggle

She‘d been through a lot but never really opened up in counseling sessions.

Her daughter got addicted to drugs, causing her to take her life Christmas Eve in 2013.

Layla blogged about what the family had been through, but they didn't want her sharing the truth of her story.

It reached many people all over.

She found that many people are going through the same thing.

To buy her book, go to:


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