How to Help


We appreciate you coming here to learn how you can be a part of iRefresh's vision to help ignite a movement of prayer teams in every community, in every nation, across denominational barriers with united hearts through Jesus Christ. Each of us doing our part in allowing God to use our gifts changes the atmosphere and God is glorified!


If you would like to support projects or sponsor areas iRefresh is developing to educate, train and reach more people with the resources and training we offer, you may contribute online or  send a gift to iRefresh Ministries, Inc., 7122 S Sheridan Rd Suite 2-224 Tulsa, OK 74133 (501C non-profit organization). You can click on the button below for online giving. There are other ways of giving through resources, talents or connections you may be interested in discussing with us further. Please email us at


If you have a talent that's not being fulling tapped in to, there just may be a spot for you! Not sure you have a gift?! God says He gave all of us at least one! Let's talk and see what we can do to work together in the various areas of service! We always welcome a humble, smiling face ready to let God use you!

How much time? We don't demand more than what you can offer. No pressure - it takes a little time from a lot of people to make it all happen.


One of the greatest things you can do is pray for iRefresh Ministries. We know prayer moves mountains!

Also a big help is spreading the word about iRefresh and what we do so we can develop/train prayer teams in your area.

Share the Podcast, blogs, videos, Scripture prayers on your social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter. "SHARING"  makes a bigger difference than you realize! We are grateful for your support as we are wanting to be here for each of YOU!


No pressure - iRefresh simply asks to consider what God would have you to do... this could be connecting us with businesses who may want to advertise with us or sponsor projects

(i.e., Podcasts, Video, training groups or church team, etc.) we're working on to reach more women.