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We are a women's ministry passionate to help each other experience a personal relationship with the one true living God. Whether through our podcasts, blogs or online teachings, we believe our mission calls us to connect, unite and encourage others with the gifts God has given us. We want YOU to be refreshed and inspired to thrive with the gifts God has placed in you too!

We are here to bring God's word of hope to you, to walk alongside you in faith and prayer as God refreshes you!


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We'd love to connect with you. We are a group of women ready to help you and pray for your needs. Please email us with your prayer request and leave a phone number if you would like us to contact you.

Or, if you wish to learn more about ways to get involved in the iRefresh ministry, we would love to speak with you about future opportunities.

Thank you!

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We know the power of God's Word can be your strength, encouragement, hope and provide direction in all areas of your life. To check out our videos, click below!

We pray God shows you tremendous things through His Word as you watch and listen.



Listen to us on the go! You can find us here:

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Your generosity helps support our ministry and makes a difference in the surrounding community. Thank you for your contribution!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Bible Lessons

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You may be interested in attending one our Gatherings to hear an inspiring word, to receive prayer or join one of our Prayer Teams, or perhaps you want to start your own team in your own community. We are available to help you get set up and train you and your team. 


We are a community that wants to come together to help each woman to thrive in the place God has called her, utilizing her God-given gifts. Contact us for ways to get involved!



Here we provide you with guidance when praying for specific areas in life using Scripture. Often times, we may not know how to pray for someone or something, but using the Word to guide our prayers is not only encouraging, but powerful when grounded on His promises. 


We show a Bible verse in various translations followed by a personalized prayer of the verse/s for you to insert your loved one's name. We encourage you to speak them out loud and trust God to do a good work in you and your loved ones.



We long for each woman to be an integral part of a group of united women for Jesus Christ.  It is our goal to provide you training and resources to create your own Prayer Team in your community or church. 


We compliment Christian organizations and churches with our goal of encouraging prayer and tapping into one another's gifts to flourish right where you are.

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