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A Life of Prayer Courageously Uncomfortable

Learn how to hear God's voice through an active life of prayer. Lisa Goins describes the ABCs of Prayer, the importance of scheduling your busy life with prayer and the "Why" you do it.


Show Notes

  • Don't wait till you feel comfortable to pray

  • Pray out loud to hear your voice

  • Keep it simple

"I think probably the most challenging thing is that most of us, if we're willing to admit it, are afraid to pray. Maybe it's sometimes even in our own home, hearing our own voice and getting used to the sound of your voice in prayer, feels uncomfortable, and then take it to a different level when you think about praying in public, fear pretty much just stops everybody cold."
  • Understand the way the Lord speaks to you

  • It's really hard to hear from the Lord if you aren't praying

  • God loves quietness as much as he does boldness

  • We don't have to have perfection in our prayers

  • Prayers can be emotional

  • Pray for 2 minutes or 20 minutes

How to hear from God in a prayer life that sets you up to hear in all the following ways:

1. We hear him speak in a song

2. In the devotion that we read

3. In a conversation with the friend

ABC's to Prayer:

Accountability - When you involve even one other person in your life that knows you're undertaking a prayer challenge or just dedicating to prayer and they hold you accountable. Accountability will take you further than any kind of great ability ever will.

Believe - Believing His Word, believing what you are reading.

Confidence - Confidence in your own voice, to hear yourself pray. The more you hear the words coming out your mouth, the more likely you are to retain it later. But confidence is hard when you're quiet, we have to hear our voice.

Remember what God is in our Prayer Life:

WORKS IN US - grows and stretches us i.e., moving into something like praying when uncomfortable

WORKS FOR US - answers prayers in amazing way

WORKS THROUGH US - benefit of others - less about you and more about the impact He makes through you for someone else to grow.

"Move from fear to uncomfortable!"


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