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Combating Wrong Thoughts

Our identity is often determined by our thoughts of how we perceive ourselves. When surrounded by accusations that create anxiety and negative feelings, what can we do to overcome them? Richelle Voth shares from God's word the revelation where God showed her the steps to gain back ground in her thoughts and emotions.


Show Notes

  • Anxiety and pressure of COVID working in ICU as a physicians assistant.

  • Had a lot of fear base thoughts that turned into accusations about herself.

  • Read John 8 and she felt like the woman in that story.

"Jesus deals with her accusers first before He gently deals with her."

Does our law judge a man without first giving him a hearing and learning what he does?

John 7:51 ESV


  1. Listen to what the thoughts are that you are having, accusations.

  2. Decide where they are coming from.

  3. Decide if you are going to receive them in your hearing or not.

Your words and thoughts are powerful.

Sometimes we need to ask Jesus to help us get out of our own head.

"Holy Spirit, will you give me a break through thought?"


Additional Resources

Clink on the image for scripture and prayer on faith.


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