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Do I REALLY need to pray?

On this episode, Sheryl, Laura and Veronica talk about the misconceptions and problems we face surrounding prayer, especially in community. But they also encourage us to see the positives of praying with others and how much strength and peace comes from it!


Show Notes

What is iRefresh?

It is a group of women that pray and encourage other women to not only identify the gifts they have and pursue them. To learn how to walk with the Lord in a deeper way and recognize everything He has given them. - Veronica Scott

It is a way to develop a very strong spiritual community, a group of women that can encourage, strengthen, edify, build each other up and be there for one another just as Moses had Aaron and Hur raise his arms when weary. We need people to help us when we are weary or in the midst of circumstances, situations, and trauma. - Laura Watson

Wrong perception - people have false understanding that people in prayer ministry don’t get weary. Everyone needs a community that will encourage them and stand by them and hold up their arms during those seasons and help them through.

Personal Benefits of a Prayer Group:

1. opportunity to meet women from all walks of life

2. Help focus on prayer

3. Learn from every woman who participates - different backgrounds and experiences, upbringings, different revelations

4. Create desire for more gifts, expand and dig in for what the Lord has for everyone

5. Fellowship and closeness among women who pray together

6. Enhances time in the Word, learning together. We may take Scriptures shared with others for ourselves. It helps us become a diligent seeker. It unites our hearts with the Lord and with each other. It encourages us to grow deeper with the word of God,

What does iRefresh do?

1. invite women, break into groups to pray for them.

2. The Lord confirms His word

3. We all as a prayer team flow together in the Spirit. We learn from each other in the process.

4. There’s safety in the group. It’s not all on me but I can back those in the prayer group up. It takes off the intimidation of being in a group.

5. What we share is mostly support and encouragement. If there's correction, it’s in a loving way and confirming what they are praying and contending for

6. We have a disclaimer - this is what we believe God is sharing but pray about it. It’s to encourage you to go before the Father and get the rest of the story.

7. Encourage them to get into a relationship with the Lord.

Why a prayer group?

If you have a group of ladies, the receiver gets the full package, the message, using each person’s giftings to pray for a person. There’s something intimate praying together, contending for each other. There’s a security being in a group, bringing your part of a puzzle to complete a picture through prayer as a group for someone.

We discover new things as a group. No one is disqualified - we encourage each other. If we feel empty, not having something, someone else has something in the group and it spurs us on, and the flow comes.

We have scribes who highlight what the Lord has for them. The word may be down the road and it’s preparation for what God has for them. Meditate on the Scriptures shared and pray to see if for now or later.

How to start?

Talk to those who you feel led to ask, come to pray and seek Lord’s direction. As you develop, invite people to come to pray for them. We offer a book - a guideline. Training is also available to help you feel more comfortable. Go to 'shop' to purchase your copy of the book. Contact us at to learn more of how we can help YOU!


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