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Effective Prayers Over A Family

Having a consistent prayer life when faced with challenges within your family is difficult and yet Michelle Leonard pressed in to love and pray through until God's promises were fulfilled. Hear her story and what advise she offers to you.


Show Notes

  • Share your prayer needs with others.

  • Pray for others but do not carry their burdens

“Leaning into the Father and sensing His heart and just allowing the Holy Spirit to show me things and pray through that.”

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."

Matthew 18:20 NIV

“I know when I become sensitive to the Holy Spirit and spend time in the Lord’s presence that His heart comes through.”
  • It’s more than just praying, you can act it out, act in love and respond to people's needs

  • Seeking God's will is time in the word, praying, asked to show us direction, confirmation

  • Pray God's will

“He (God) knows the future, He knows what's best for us so I trust Him.”


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