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God Hears You

No matter what a person's status is in life and how amazing everything might be in one's life, NOBODY is exempt from PROBLEMS. Have you even found life smooth sailing one moment and in a split second, all that can change?

God does not guarantee our life to be without trouble. If that was the case, then why is the Psalms filled with songs of deliverance unless the psalmist was in a place where they were pleading with God to help out.

There is hope in every chapter of our life when we stay focused on the Lord to obey Him and trust Him at His word. In God's time and in His own way, He positions us in way in which we could not do what only He could do in and through us. He wants to demonstrate His goodness and show that THE IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE!

When we believe God at His word, He is released to work in and through our life. Take a lesson from Zacharias when Gabriel spoke on God's behalf but he doubted his words - Zacharias was SILENCED! Let hope arise and let praise enter our lips as we look to God through each day.

If you would like to follow along the video plus extra background to understand in greater depth of the wonderful story behind Zacharias and Elisabeth, click on the link here:


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