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Homeschooling... A Family Journey - Kim Ford

"God always uses families. It's the first institution He established." Kim Ford describes the the gift our children are and how she was led to home school and ultimately lead a large group in her community, inspiring many in the joy of teaching your children and praying for them.


Show Notes

“it’s interesting how the Lord draws you in to something and there’s a bigger picture.”

“God gave us our children. Unbelievable to me He trust us with our children. I don’t know why or how and it is sobering. Realizing that He for some reason trusts us to train, to raise, to educate, to love our children. It’s an example of who He is. He always picks families. It’s the first institution He established.”

“Homeschooling became this journey of how to allow Christ to be Lord of our family? As academics and education were the vehicle for that. Whether public school, private school or however they choose, God is looking for an open heart to disciple our families and disciple our children to know Christ.”

“It was a real surrender… parenting is, isn’t it? To lay down your life for the love of another. To follow Christ, I’m not following my plans as much as I want to be obedient to what Christ wants to do with our families.”

God always uses families. First institution He established.

Gen 12 Moses and covenant with God. God loves you so much I want to bless you and your family – descendent too; God did the unimageable.

How do you start?

  • Know what your coordinates, know your why. Want kind people, love God… have to model that. Show how to love God, otherwise I show hypocrisy.

  • Get together with community of like-minded families. Support each other in prayer, even as each goes through challenges. “Build what you want.” No excuses

  • Learn what they word says and emulate to kids what it says.

  • Choose carefully the freedoms for your children i.e,. pornography

Figure out your why. Why are you called to be a parent? Attach some promises to that. Know that those promises are God’s responsibilities. Train them into those promises.

As a parent, figure out your coordinates. Where are you supposed to go as a parent? Don’t just jump in the boat and let the wind take you wherever. It’s God’s plan. It’s a big plan, that’s enough. Set coordinates for that plan. Find promises to stand on. When storms come, you have authority by God to speak to the storm – peace be still and NOT ON MY WATCH. As Jesus spoke to the storm, you have same authority. Pray for your children. As adults, even prodigals, your prayers are mighty. Call them in. Love them well. Don’t step down till they come back to Jesus, no matter how dark or long the road.

Story – walking outside in their neighborhood, saw 2 dogs outside their fence; took them to their home to the man and the dogs went right in. God will send people. That’s your kids. Don’t stop praying. Lean in with other friends. See what others need miracles in their family – start a prayer group, link arms.


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