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Imparting Hope to the Forgotten

What do you do when your heart is broken by injustice in the world? Have you ever wondered if it was too much to carry? Hear how Brittany responded when God called her to go and make a change in the foster care system both here and abroad.


Show Notes

Brittany Stokes, President and Co-Founder of Project Orphan and Tulsa Girls' Home

History Background: 2011 started building orphan/foster care homes for couples that have gone to different countries to serve the orphans in Brazil, Guatemala, Haiti, and Uganda. A non-governmental organization was planted in Uganda in 2015. Now they have a hospital, a special needs center, 2 schools, human sex trafficking shelter, a church, and several foster care homes.

“If there’s something that burns deep in you, that fire, that thing that motivates you or moves you to use your voice, that is the thing that maybe God has planted inside your heart to make a difference within.”

  • “What turned into foster care homes turned into a whole village and a community that is inspired through the love of a Father for His children and a yearning for them.”

“We try to be a voice for the voiceless.”
  • iRefresh theme, “times of refreshing may come in the presence of the Lord.” Yet these kids have never had a time of refreshment. They spend their day and nights thinking - am I going to moved? What if I like this person? Is that going to be taken away? There's no stability… they put up walls. Instead of them being taken from a place they like, they ruin it to lose it cause that’s something they can control by their behavior.

  • Brittany and her husband, Kyron, became foster parents as they saw the injustice in the foster care program, the laws, and just being an orphan in the foster care system.

Who to help? God said: “the ones I bring to you, just say ‘yes’ because I want to show them the Father.”

  • “I really think Jesus allows me to feel just as much as I need to until I know I am about to break and then He gives me this grace and this comfort because it is so heavy.”

Brittany realized the need for a Tulsa Girls' Home. She found a house, made an offer, and stepped in faith since she didn't have the money to buy it. She told the current owners her plans for the home and asked if she could start renovating it even before it was hers. The owners were former foster care parents and said that this is exactly what the Lord told them to do, thus they joined in to help.

“Tulsa Girls' Home is just one part of a huge plan that God has to rectify and restore lives. These girls are soon to be mama’s and they are going to be business owners and they are WORTHY.”

“The orphan is the easiest person for the devil to claim.” Why? They are challenged with their identity - Who am I? The orphan is also the easiest to show God’s love but the devil fights it."

God’s plan is never for personal gain. We’re not supposed to do ministry to feel good. Foster kids are not bad… they are literally broken.

Connect with Brittany at:

Project Orphans
Tulsa Girls' Home



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