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In Hard Times, Lean on God

Life is hard...but do you blame God or lean into Him during those difficult seasons? Laura speaks of her faith in following God's plan, as she navigates being a widow to two children.


Show Notes

It's common for us to go right to prayer when there is trouble.

“It’s scary to pray. You want to pray correctly but I found that there is not a correct way to pray. I just need to have a conversation with the Lord.”

Praying at home at dinner time growing up or at night before bed helped her to pray more confidently as an adult.

It wasn't till she had more hard moments that her relationship grew with God which grew her prayer life

“I hadn’t grown spiritually with my relationship with Him (God) enough to realize how important it is for prayer and to speak to Him.”

She always starts her prayers with thanks.

Always need to find the positive in situations to get through those hard times.

God will always surround you with people to help hold you up.

Being a parent can be hard but we have to surrender our kids to the Lord and trust Him with them.

“Right now with my girls being early teenagers is a hard time for us. I pray and give them to the Lord, He has their path already laid out. And prayers that He gives me wisdom that I need to parent them.”

Learning how to hear Gods voice, praying, and being in the word will build your relationship with the Lord.

Reaching out for prayer is good. Everyone needs prayer warriors.

Prayers are a dialog and they don't need to be perfect.

God already knows our thoughts and our hearts.

We need to rely on God and not on ourselves. Let things happen in God's timing.

When it's God's timing then it will be amazing.

“I know it’s easy for people to blame God, but I never went that direction with my husbands passing. Yes my life got very hard and my daughters lost their dad but I never blamed God.”

God is always here, at our side to give us strength.

Through the hard times she never blamed God. She came to Him for strength instead.

“I would visualize God sitting there in my living room and I would crawl up on His lap and say ‘Help me. I know you are here for me.’”

“We get in situations that are too much for us to handle and God wants us to come to Him, to have Him help us get through things. We need to lean on Him to help us.”

God knows how to love us and to care for us and embrace us.

Ask God for the wisdom and strength to get through hard time.

Find 3 things to thank God for everyday!


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