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Learning How To Hear And Obey God's Voice

Veronica learned that when she received a prompting, God was teaching her more than knowing His voice. Hear what God was doing with her gifts!


Show Notes

  • Power of Prayer is what built Veronica and Sheryl's friendship.

  • Share your prayer needs with friends and pray together.

  • Need to learn to hear God's voice.

"Sometimes God shuts a door to open another one. But it's not always the open door right away."
  • Learn to obey in the moment, the moment of the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

  • God will train you and teach you how to tune into his voice.

"In the time of prayer there were things that would come to me and the Lord started talking to me about it and He would be like, You learned this on that pew when you didn't thing you were hearing anything."


Additional Resources

Click for prayers and scriptures on How To Be Close To God.

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