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Mental Health Strategies

Cindy Palen, MA, LAC, NCC, walks you through strategies to help your mental health during times of great stress and anxiety. She offers methods to help guide us through difficult times like quarantine, the coronavirus and much more.

Podcast Episode

Show Notes

Mental Health and the church

God doesn’t promise to keep us from all bad things. He does promise to walk with us through every trial.

Signs of Depression/Anxiety—how to know when to seek help.

How to Know the Differences between stress and anxiety.

How to recognize a panic attack.

Coping strategies.

  • Tend to avoid pain, building up emotional stress and affecting physical health.

  • Learn calming techniques.

  • Learn to diffuse negative thoughts.

  • Find what works best for you: i.e., painting, exercise, making videos, writing, drawing, socializing, being alone, kickboxing (for anger release).

  • Find a way to express and regulate negative emotions in a healthy way.

  • Relaxation exercise.

To reach out to Cindy for additional help and counseling:

Cindy Palen, MA, LAC, NCC

Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) in Arkansas, and Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC)

Oaks Counseling, Springdale Arkansas



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