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Serving Those With Special Needs - Molly Ziriax

How can we help the community of children with special needs? Maggie Bond interviews Molly Ziriax to talk about programs and ideas to help rally us as believers to walk alongside families who welcome our support. Molly provides an understanding of what families walk through and how to best support them. May we challenge you to listen prayerfully and consider how one idea could be initiated in your church or community.


Show Notes

"Acknowledge those with a disability are just like you and I." - Molly Ziriax

A person with disabilities is not viewed to define who they are. They are beautiful people with great potential.

The Church is a place to show all how to love one another, including those with disabilities.

How can we steward this community in the Church?

  1. provide opportunities within the Church

  2. provide programs to help the church and the special needs to discover something new among each other. It is a treasure for each one to learn and grow well together.

  3. Offer inclusion, i.e., Buddy program to worship side by side someone else, feel just as important as others

  4. A lot of stress on these families cause it's hard. Reach out to these families to offer time to help offer a break for a mother or allow couple to go out on a date

  5. Get involved with Special Needs Olympics

  6. Create an event, provide support to those in need to assist them. i.e., sensory items available

  7. Champion Program - Disability Inclusion Ministries are intentional to help families with special needs i.e., calming room, sensory room

Start by acknowledging those with a disability are just like you and I.

Organizations with Programs:

99 Balloons organization is a program shows how to have Respite Nights for families with special needs

Joni Earkson Tada

Little Lighthouse


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