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The Impact of a Family's Prayer Life

When circumstances seem to be insurmountable, what do you do? Brenda and Tiffany Smiling share their heart-felt stories that helped them see and experience the miraculous. Be ready to be moved by their mother-daughter connection that's both touching and inspirational.


Show Notes

  • Tiffany has had Epilepsy and brain cancer with many surgeries.

  • Many, many people prayed for her.

  • Prayer is Key!

"He (Jesus) has been with us through the valleys, through the mountain top, through the victories, through challenges and He's been faithful every single time." -Brenda
  • You gain spiritual muscle by going through challenges and valleys; and you grow.

  • Pray into your children's lives, don't just speak into their lives.

  • Set time for prayer and honor that time.

  • Have prayer partners.

"God never leaves you hungry and He always feeds you there. It's your daily bread." -Tiffany


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