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Walking In Faith Through Transitions

Change isn't easy, but when we walk through it, sometimes suddenly or without warning, we can step in to the new season better with several helpful tips from Life Coach, Patty Gerstenberger.


Show Notes

Patty Gerstenberger

“As a life coach, one of the things almost every client is walking through is some kind of transition - a lot of times they have not initiated. I believe the Lord can strategically tell us how we can walk through change when it comes.”

There are Two Keys to Transition:

1. prayer

2. the Word

Instead of reacting, how can we do life better and respond in a good way vs. our initial thought process?

What can help? “The power of asking questions i.e., what do you need vs. assume what they need

Be honest and willing to say, ‘I need space.’ This fosters a healthy, honest relationship.

It’s not about you. We are selfish by nature. If someone says, ‘I need space’, what does that mean? Clarify, space might be not talking on a particular subject. It’s about honoring them. Come back with, ‘how can I best support you? ’What do you need? We don’t have to share our opinions on what they are walking through.

Sometimes we need a ‘redo’. "I did that poorly, would you give me another opportunity?” The redo can remove offenses and better relationships and keeps pride out. To be a good friend, learn everyone's different; even in your bouquet of friendships, everyone’s different so invite friends in with questions like i.e., how can I be a better friend?

The power of the Word, inquiring of the Lord, ‘how can I best pray for that person?, whether you let them know or not. It’s about finding the word of God, that’s living and active. That’s the best position you can be in when someone you love is walking through something and you are praying for them.

People say, ‘I don’t know how to pray.’ Praying the word of God, reading Scripture and praying it over people is powerful.

“When we send someone a Scripture, it makes them feel encouraged, so known and loved that someone thought of them, it’s like a beautiful bouquet of flowers”.

When going through transitions, the process is just as important as where you are going.

  1. Invite the Lord in to the transition. Time with Jesus is first and foremost.

  2. Ask yourself, what are some things you want and don’t want to take in to this new season?

  3. Community is important. Find those who enjoy similar things you like. “We want to be known and we want to know. There’s a lot of power in that ”How do you balance in transitions of moving regarding relationships? Maintain old and new ones.

  4. When receiving news of any kind, ask the Lord, how do you want me to respond?

  5. Be a good listener.

  6. Stir up the heart of gratitude.

  7. There’s times we need to mourn or walk through; recognize the emotions and invite God in.

  8. The word of God is life, therefore we want to be life-givers.

“If you are in a season of change or transition in your life, the Lord wants you to thrive, not just survive. He’s given us specific words that even when we have gone through changes, He doesn’t.”

6 Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude. Tell him every detail of your life, 7 then God’s wonderful peace that transcends human understanding, will guard your heart and mind through Jesus Christ. 8 Keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic and real, honorable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind. And fasten your thoughts on every glorious work of God, praising him always.

Philippians 4:6-8 The Passion Translation

  • Don’t be consumed by change - we don’t want that to define us.

  • He has gifts and opportunities for me, but if consumed with self, I won’t see it nor will anyone else.

  • We are called to be a light, even in the midst of a change and transition.

“We are not called to be content. We have a story! That means highs and lows and everything in between. It is HIS STORY... through us."

Takeaways in Transition

“When someone mentions change, what is your response? If you don’t know or you think you are fine, ask someone you know and love how you respond to change. Invite the Lord in to that. Find Scriptures in your season to pray in to it to have God’s perspective. If someone you know is going through transition, ask: What do you need? Don’t make it about you. If it’s bumpy, ask for feedback. That allows you to be a true friend and walk someone through a transition, being the support THEY WANT, not what you want. That honors God.


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