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Domino Effect of Prayer

Coming from a family legacy of women who pray, Hannah still had to be reminded of the power of prayer during some of her dark times in her life. She saw the domino effect of prayer and knew that it worked and that it helped her overcome.


Show Notes

Hannah married to the 10th child of the Pepin family.

Mother-in-law, Roberta Pepin, prayed every child into this world.

“The Word of God and prayer brought me through so much. I see that my willingness to even go to the Word and to go to prayer was because of the legacies before me that prayed over me, that I saw the power of prayer, it was a domino effect.”

Hannah's daughter didn’t pass her newborn hearing screening which brought Hannah into depression.

“I could be in a room full of my family that I love and that I am close to but have that homesick feeling. I realized I needed the Word, I needed Jesus and it brought me through the loneliness.”

When Hannah was 14 or 15 years old her brother started experimenting with alcohol and drugs. He was addicted for 10 years.

She never gave up on her brother, even though the hope was very thin at times.

She loved her brother very much!

“ The enemy tried every single thing to tear our family apart with my brother’s addiction. God protected my heart and I’ve never been bitter with my brother, I love him so much. I saw the hand of the devil himself on my brother’s life but I knew without a doubt the devil wouldn’t win.”

God uses music to bring peace.

Luke 1:46-55 Mary’s song unto the Lord

God will give you a dream or a task, you don’t have to worry about how it’s going to work out, you just have to do your part.

Many times we look for the big signs of God but we need to stop and just look around and you’ll see God or His work.

“Praying in the Word of God has to be a choice and He’ll guide you like He did me in my depression, music endeavor, in being a mom, in being a faithful wife. We need God’s wisdom and it comes in praying, in communication which brings us in union with God and others.”

Prayer has guided her through everything.

Thriving in the midst of hard times.

“My husband is my rock and is amazing but Jesus was my core and had to be. I am a daddy’s girl but he wasn’t going to come to the rescue, my husband couldn’t come to the rescue, it had to be Jesus.”

Praise and prayer is a weapon against the negative emotions!

Music has always brought her family together. Hannah and her brothers have a country band called Voth ( Go check them out!


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