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Facing Shame

Going through difficult experiences, many that we had no way of controlling what happened can bring great shame in our lives and more that can freeze us from living any form of a normal life. Carole goes through an actual situation in which a woman is traumatized and describes what we can do as women to be proactive to protect ourselves as well as listen to the Holy Spirit who prompts us and guides us with warning signs when we learn to listen to Him. Carole has important steps towards recognizing that you are not to blame, you can be set free from your past and be an over comer.

Carole is a retired police officer of 28 years of experience as a detective and investigator. She now holds classes as the Founder of Divine Defense in which she combines God's Word with ways in which we can have God's divine defense in our every day lives. She has a powerful message and helps equip women to protect themselves spiritually and physically. Learn more at her website:



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