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He Sees | He Hears | He Rescues

Does it feel like you're abandoned and life has just gone bad? Or maybe all is well overall but God seems silent? Have you watched what's happening around you and it appears that bad stuff just seems to be taking place a lot more than what it used to?

Life does have its challenges and we were not promised an easy life. God did say that He would be with us and rescues us from those difficult places. We discover a fresh look at how the Israelites went under oppression out of nothing they had done - no sin, no disobedience, but instead out of the fear of the current Pharaoh of that time. You see the new Pharaoh in town did NOT know the history of how the Hebrew people (Joseph) were the ones who brought in the prosperity and blessings Egypt had been experiencing. Instead, he saw God bless them with many children and were prolific and feared the possibility of them turning on them. WOW! Out of his fear and imagination, he conjured up a scenario that was not truth, yet would affect 2 cultural groups and forever changed history.

Listen to what God did when He saw His people hurting from our video link and be encouraged that God sees and hears what YOU are going through and is doing things you may not be aware of yet to deliver you out of your circumstances. God is good and has great plans for YOU!

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