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How to be Be More in God's Presence

How can we expand God's presence more in our life? Scarlet Pepin shares points of what prohibits God in our lives by various distractions. She encourages us on ways to redirect our thinking, to enjoy God's peace and His presence more in our lives. Enjoy and share these tips to encourage friends with you on better living.

Show Notes

  • How do we make God's presence bigger in our lives

  • What are you putting before God; your family, work, activities?

"The things that are pushing in, if we would surrender them with come into the circle of God's presence and make that circle bigger."

  • It takes time to completely surrender things to God. It's a process

"Will you give me (God) what your worries are? Will you give me what is distracting you so I can expand my presence in your life?"

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