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How to Overcome Addictions

Have you ever had a sin in your life that is repetitive? And no matter how hard you try to overcome it, it keeps rearing its ugly head? Stephanie Wrightsman talks about how she overcame several addictions to maintain a life of peace with God.

Podcast Episode

Show Notes

Overcoming an addiction starts when you are willing to give up your own way of doing things like seeking relationships that are wrong and lead down a bad path.

Focus on Jesus, not the mess/sin. Focus on JESUS IN ME. Discover the goodness and mercy of God as relationship strengthens.

Bad choices don't define us. We're on a journey. It's a process.
The longest journey can be from the head to the heart.

Found God in the journey and discovered joy.

Practical Steps Towards Freedom

  1. Read Bible daily

  2. Prayer - to God and with friends

  3. Surround yourself with strong Christian women who have overcome and point you back to God, His Word, and Who You are in Christ

  4. Be careful who you are in line with.

  5. Don't over complicate. Keep it simple. Don't have to be perfect. His yoke is easy.

Additional Resources

Stephanie Wrightsman has worked with and been a part of the Christian ministry that helps people overcome areas in their life. To learn where a group might be in your community, go to their website:


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