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Isabell Bowling

Author, Bible Teacher, Ministry Operations at Marilyn & Sarah Ministries

Isabell and Sarah Bowling

Growing up under the teachings of her grandmother and mom, Isabell developed a passion for the Word and for loving people well. She gave her heart to the Lord at the tender age of six, but faced mental health issues and church hurt, which caused her to doubt her faith. Through this time, God never gave up on her; and in His infinite mercy and grace He brought her back into His loving embrace.

During her college years, Isabell led mission trips and was a student ministry leader. In 2023, she graduated with a degree in Historical and Philosophical Theology and Modern Hebrew from Oral Roberts University. Upon graduation she earned the honor of Outstanding Theology Student of the Year.

Since her graduation, Isabell has become an integral member of the Marilyn & Sarah Ministry team. She is multi-talented in writing, teaching, and ministry operations. In 2024, Sarah and Isabell released their first book together entitled Road to Wholeness.

During her free time, Isabell enjoys leading a C.S. Lewis book club at her church, spending time with her friends, reading, dancing, crocheting, traveling, cooking, and watching movies. She is also an avid fan of tea, coffee, and Formula One racing.


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