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Lisa Bain Ministry

No matter what we face, we can always find something to hope in, Lisa Bain shows us that even in her darkest moments, she found God and His faithfulness to help her see from His viewpoint and move from sorrow and brokenness to purpose and plans from God to touch other lives that are truly hurting.


Show Notes

Lisa and her mom received bad news on the same day from a diagnoses of stage 4 ovarian cancer and four autoimmune diseases. Although Lisa was told to throw away her running shoes because she probably would not be walking in 6 months, they choose to hear God's report over them!

Lisa's mom said “This is just a hoot, we are going to make this about giving, serving.” and that is when they started a non-profit that helps people walk through illnesses.


Some days we think we have nothing to be grateful for.

Lisa and her mom started writing a Thank You Journal to Jesus and everything that they were grateful for. It changed their worst days and their bad days.

Health Benefits to giving and serving others

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Lessens your depression

  • Lowers your stress levels

  • Live longer

“Rest can be the greatest weapon of warfare because that is when we hear Jesus, when we stop and we are still and we can hear His voice.”

Serving is healing - her mom lived for 5 years not just 5 months and Lisa is still walking and gone through 15 pairs of running shoes and still counting!

“It’s finding that beautiful place in the most dark place. I have found my purpose in life in the most dark places. What I thought was an accident and was just awful was a divine intervention. God used every broken place and there were 3 major ones in my life. I wouldn’t be sitting here if it hadn’t been for those really broken places and I am thankful for them and I’m redefined because of them and walking in my healing because of them.”
“God said to me, “Lisa, grab a hold of the arms of the people that are authentic and step into your story, I am here because your brokenness is someone else's manual for healing. Be raw, be real, let it out.”

Lisa is still walking through her disease victoriously. She isn’t on any medication, but some days she’ll get up and her legs won’t work but it’s getting up and serving and doing for others.

Many times she has said “Lord help!” and He tells her “You just trust me and put one foot on the floor.” and everyday before her feet get on the floor she says “Let nothing today be an accident, Lord, you’re in this.”

“Everyday, no matter how bad the day, there is always a beautiful lesson in it.”

Lisa’s Mom-isims

Choose Joy


Step Out

See Miracles

Focus on the things that matter

Don’t listen to the noise

Everyone has a purpose until their very last breath

Everyday comes bearing its own gift, untie the ribbon

God often uses your deepest pain as the launching pad for your deepest calling

When you are walking in your purpose, in your calling, it doesn’t matter the environment, God is going to make a way for it to be fulfilled.”

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