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Prayer Journals

Our prayer life... what does it look like in your space? Are you the one friends and family know to go to when they want to guarantee you will genuinely pray for their needs? Do you systematically write down in a notebook or calendar prayer requests and praise reports? Or might you be sporadic in praying, based on time and urgency of the needs? There's no condemnation here. And truth be told, I'm a work in process in striving to be organized, but get distracted and allow too much noise in to my space at times where I'm in a constant mode of conversations with God, yet I'm definitely relying on the Holy Spirit to be my prompter on who needs prayer covering.

So here's a space to help each other be maybe a little more organized to write down each other's prayer request, praise reports, Scriptures to pray over our loved ones, tools to help us and a few Bibles that complement the process of praying God's promises. Let's hear from you too - do you have a resource that can help each other? Let's share the tips and ideas so that we never forget what God has done and help remind us to believe in our current circumstances!

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Prayer Journals...




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