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A Child's Glimpse of Heaven - Daleen Porter

Daleen is an author who had an experience as a young girl of visiting heaven. She shares more of the impact her encounter had on her life today. Hear her encouraging story.


Show Notes

  • 6 years old when she saw heaven

  • She fell asleep and then the next thing she knew she was in heaven

  • She wasn't afraid, she wasn't confused on where she was, everything was alive, and she knew it was heaven.

"I could feel Jesus' presence. His presence was always felt. I don't know if there's a child's part of heaven but if there is that's where I was at, I was visiting that part. Then Jesus just came up to me, like right beside me and it just felt warm and peaceful. It was amazing!"
  • God shows her in visions or dreams what He wants her to do

  • We need to be obedient to God

  • Do what God wants from us in His timing and not in ours

"Step out in faith and then God will step in and take over. So, when you start being obedient, he gives you everything you need, when you do what you're called to do."
"I have been so much closer to God now than I ever was just being in obedience, it just brings blessings. And the feeling of comfort that He gives is just so different. When you obey God, you just see different results in your life."


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