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Bibles We Recommend

There are several ways in which you may choose to study the Word of God. You may simply read through the Bible in a year from plans you received at your church or online or an app. You may enjoy doing homework and then gathering with fellow believers in a friends' group or church group to talk through. We cover options that provide flexibility based on the seasons of life and time and degree in which you may discover the richness of God's word. We pray God leads you as you hunger for a closer relationship with Him and gain a deeper, closer walk with our Heavenly Father.

2 Ways to Purchase Bibles

We have affiliates we work with to provide resources to easily click and buy at your convenience. As an affiliate, the price does not increase, but simply provides a small revenue towards iRefresh Ministries expenses.

1. can benefit iRefresh Ministries through the Amazon Smile program for all your purchases on amazon (Learn more at: About AmazonSmile: Program details and FAQ)

2. we are an affiliate with them so when you click on our links to purchase through their website, you are helping iRefresh.


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