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Caring for Parents

Julie Wilson learned that her mother had Alzheimer. She immediately invited God into because when things start to happen, that’s the thing she learned in life. God is a gentleman. He will not interfere in our situation unless He’s asked. Listen or watch this episode to discover great steps to caring for parents as they deal with health issues hosted by Veronica Scott.


After asking God what to do, see what practical things you can do.

  1. Seek counsel legally to sign documents before they are not capable of signing a new will.

  2. Transfer things to the other spouse

  3. Establish power of attorney for them

  4. Establish power of attorney for health care based

  5. Add home health care

  6. Research what would be needed in stages

Anytime you are led by fear, you’re not going to make a good decision. If I felt fearful, I stepped back and ask God, “why am I not trusting you in this?”

“The thing you want to control the most in life are the things you trust God the least with. Why am I not trusting God with?"

  1. 1 I did the things I was directed by God to do.

  2. 2 Prepared as much as I could

  3. 3 Trust God with what I didn’t know

“When we trust God. He knows the timing, He knows what’s coming and He can plan things so much better than we can.”

I respect my parents. I’m modeling for my children how I want to be treated. So what we do for our parents, we are showing our children what we want. If I’m in the same position, I would want my children to respect me enough to let me make the decision.

God doesn’t force us. He’s there to give us advise, but then He lets us decide. We should treat our parents that way too.

Our kids need to eavesdrop into our lives. We need to be open enough to share what we’re dealing with.

I'd tell my boys what I wanted but then I'd choose to trust God with it. I let them be a part of it. This is how we handle this situation. Helped them see how we prayed about it.

God gives us grace for today. He doesn’t give us grace for all the stuff we’ll worry about in the future. He knows what's going to happen but He doesn’t give us grace for that. We’re out there by ourselves. A lot of times we worry, we project the future about God, we don’t realize God will be there with us when we get there. We don’t have to worry about that; He’s here now, let’s handle what’s today. And when we move forward with Him in the future. We don’t have to worry about that; He knows.

“Treat caregivers as treasures that they are. When they know you care about them, they’ll take a bullet for you.” They did a lot for their family because we were kind, took care of them, facetime, and were kind to them.

When going through difficult situation, there’s more to it than just you. There were others around the facility to be a light and let them eavesdrop on us to see how we prayed and talked through.

Advise for Caregiving a Parent

  1. Don’t panic. God hasn’t fallen off the throne. He’s in control. He has a plan. Invite God into the situation.

  2. Take one day at a time. God will give you ideas to do as you pray.

  3. Do the practical things you can do.

  4. Consult attorneys.

  5. Consult accountants.

  6. Keep an eye on caregiving parent.

  7. Watch how you model it for your children. Invite them into the situation.

  8. God is going before you. Trust Him.

  9. You are enough. Don’t hear the enemy. God will always encourage you and give you the grace you need.


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