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Delores Warrior-Webb

Delores Warrior-Webb is visionary and a follower of Christ. Delores is a licensed minister and has been an assistant pastor. She is also a wife, mother, daughter, teacher, preacher, mentor, and coach. She wears many hats that allow her to be of service to God and to people.

Delores received her MBA from Southern Nazarene University. She has been in higher education for 15 years with the last 5 years as a faculty member for graduate students in the college of business. She believes that we can never know enough about our Savior. For this reason, she values her daily time of devotion and communication with Christ.

Delores resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband Toby Webb. They have been married for 5 years and together they have 8 adult children and 21 grandchildren. They enjoy spending time with family and friends.


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