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How to be a Friend to the Chronically Ill

What do we say or do when someone is walking through chronic pain and illness? Cari Lyons offers suggestions about how to intentionally love someone with chronic illness in a way that will impact you both dramatically.

Podcast Episode

Show Notes

5 ways to walk with someone experiencing chronic illness:

  1. Be present-your presence is more helpful than words; “leave no man behind” philosophy

  2. Listen bravely-it’s not your job to fix them

  3. Love unconditionally - be patient, consistent, don’t judge/doubt/invalidate their situation

  4. Encourage them

  5. Anticipate their needs-

What life is like for the chronically ill

Eccl 4:9-10 “Two are better than one...for if they fall , one will lift up his companion”

Ideas to help when you’re not sure what to do:

  • DVD/movie, watch tv together

  • Card/text/call- regularly check in

  • Flowers, fruit bouquet

  • Visit and offer a mental vacation- funny stories or memories

  • Drop off small gift or book/magazine


“I am going to text you every week and invite you to meet for coffee/lunch/movie. You can turn me down as much as you want. But when you are ready, we will go somewhere fabulous and it’s my treat. And you can tell me what life’s been like OR we can talk about tv, celebrities, complain about in-laws,kids etc.”

If you’re the one who is sick and lonely?

  • Don’t give up

  • You are not alone (that is a lie from the enemy)

  • Trust those you love and tell them you need them

  • Have realistic expectations for friends-

  • Release unmet expectations and bitterness

Areas to Help the Chronically Ill

1. Build a Team

2. Make a healthy investment in yourself

3. Community


Additional Resources

Click the image for scriptures and prayers on healing.


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