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Just Be

God desires us to JUST BE. No matter our condition or how we feel or what we have done, He has chosen you to have relationship with Him and to reach you wherever you are and in whatever state you are in. God is present to fight the battles for you!

Show Notes

  • Have you felt abandon, left out, not chosen, rejected?

  • God will not leave you or abandon you.

  • God puts a calling on our life, a vision.

God is doing something to position you to prepare you in order for you to handle what He has called you to do.

1 Chronicles 11:1-3

David is the shepherd, anointed King

God would speak to David and then God would confirm His word whenever David had any doubt. David would consult with God and God was faithful. David would always give recognition to God.

Everything God does - He positions us, He prepares us to go to the next place even when you don't think it or see it. If you're faithful, you obey His voice, just being in the presence with God and allow Him to naturally do the things that He does so well, He'll do it! Just be!

We change, our will and our way does change. God does not change! When He calls you to do something you better know that it is Him. He doesn't change.

God does everything on purpose to prepare us, to lead us, to position us, to give us favor. Ultimately so we can be with Him, to be refreshed, renewed, restored, set free, getting rid of our junk; so that we can be the light.

God wants to fight the battles for you. He positions you so you can be quiet and you can hear Him because He's already fought the battle for you. It's about just being so that you can hear and recognize that He is present, and position you so that you will get to see Him.



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