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Life after Quarantine...what now?

For the body of Christ, it is as if Covid-19 “poked a sleeping bear” and woke us up from a long slumber.  We banded together while being socially distanced, comforted one another, prayed for one another, and covered our planet in prayers and petitions to the Father.  We have been a beacon of hope to the lost, and many people have turned to the Lord through this very unsettling experience. Now that the worst of the pandemic is passing, and our lives are returning to some sense of “normalcy”, what is it that the Father wants to see from His children?  The Bible says in Malachi 3:6 that “I am the Lord, I change not”…. This means that the Lord expects the same thing from us now that He did before 2020 began.

It may have taken a crisis to ignite our Spirits and bond us together ~ but it has ALWAYS been JESUS that has brought us joy, peace, comfort and hope.  Now that the crisis is passing, the last thing we want to do is to tell God “thanks, we’ll take it from here.” He wants to see the very same passion from us now that He did while we were in the middle of the storm. He wants us to recognize that we need Him every hour of every day, and He wants to be part of the decision making process for every aspect of our lives.

Colossians 3:2 says that we are to set our minds on things ABOVE, not on earthly things. We are on the earth for a few short years compared to eternity. God wants our focus to be on what we can do to advance His Kingdom. While Jesus Christ was here on this earth, He was very intentional to be about His Father’s business. That very same Jesus lives on in us and He doesn’t change either! He still wants to be about the Father’s business ~ through us! The Bible reminds us in Matthew 6 that the Father does not recognize anxiousness in His children (because that is a part of our nature that died with Jesus on the cross). He tells us to seek FIRST His Kingdom, and all of our needs will be added to us. He reminds us that He knows exactly what we need and He will take care of them; not always in the way that we would want, but always in a way that will ultimately bring Him glory and honor and praise. Since we don’t need to be worried about our needs being met, we can focus completely on His will being done through us.

We would say to you that the Lord is looking for us to CONTINUE on with our Spirits ignited and bonded together as the body of Christ. We are to continue sharing the hope of Jesus through personal testimonies of His goodness. We are to continue lifting each other up in prayers and we are to continue covering our planet in petitions to the Father for His mercy and grace. Just like the Lord doesn’t change, He wants us to imitate His character by continuing to live like we need Him more than ever!


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