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Balancing life in a Social Media World

There is a joy in connecting with others throughout each other's seasons in life. When we can't be with loved ones face-to-face, being able to see, read or hear what's happening in their life can be a blessing. On the other hand, there's the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)... we miss out on other's fun or events and it can cause us to question why I wasn't included and feel sadness if we approach it from this perspective.

We have the opportunity to celebrate each other and use social media as a means to encourage, pray and inspire one another. We can avoid downward spiral of negative thoughts and emotions, extend grace to others and see the good in each other, wanting the best in every stage of life. Here are several videos from our friends who share great ideas to help us on this journey of social media.

To learn more about our guest hostesses, connect with them:

Carrie Kittinger - Speaker, Teacher, Blogger:

Patty Gerstenberger - Speaker, Life Coach:

We're all bombarded by so many things and depending on your age and/or your love for the digital world, then it's even more intensified.

We asked Scarlet's daughter, Gabrielle, to join in on a conversation of how she balances her life in the social media world of today's millennial. Gabrielle addresses the feelings that can happen based on people's response to posting things and how it can affect your life. She has a great viewpoint we all can appreciate and take to heart

Scarlet Pepin Ministries:


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