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Trusting God Even in the Hard Times

We all have seasons in our lives where there is change. It could be a new job, moving, empty nester, or maybe even a death and those changes can be exciting, or they can be hard. During those hard times, are you still trusting God? Trisha talked with Deana about how she went through some dark hard times and was ready to give up but, today she has her purpose and is trusting God!

Show Notes

  • Trisha and her husband had separate prompting to move to Tennesse in 2014, even as their daughter was a high schooler. They all prayed about the move, even their daughter. Their daughter ended up embracing and accepting the move.

"When I don't walk in my purpose or walk with God, it hurts Him. Everything He does is for our good and for His glory. He never does anything to hurt us."
  • A couple years after moving to TN, she got into a dark place. She wasn't in the Word anymore and was discouraged.

  • She felt very alone and in a low place, just going through the emotions and only existing.

A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice.

Isaiah 42:3

  • She got back into the Word

  • She got her song back!

  • God restored her fire!


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