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What's in Your Hands?

Danny and Carrie challenge us to keep using our gifts and talents for God even during the HARD times. We pray this podcast encourages you to keep following the leading of Christ in your life!


Show Notes

What is in our hands that God ask of us?

Danny and Carrie are now empty nesters and are figuring out what God has for them now.

Need to live intentionally and live for God!

"When we are in the midst of the trouble, we have to remember to Be Of Good Cheer, Be Of Good Courage because this isn't all there is. We have HOPE in JESUS!" -Carrie

Jesus will show up in hard times. He will give you hope!

Jesus is the rock so when the storms of life hit your foundation should be secure in him to help you get through those storms.

God doesn't just love you but he LIKES you also!

You got to keep choosing God because He has chosen you.


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