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Adopting as a Single Parent

Kelly Martin was a favorite, highly demanded teacher at her elementary school, but there was a longing for more. Listen to the bravery of following her hearts desire to raise children of various ethnic cultures, becoming a single parent family.

Podcast Episode

Show Notes

  • School teacher

  • Not married

  • Bought a home and felt like she could now provide for a family.

  • First foster child was 1 year old when she got her.

"I want Gods will and purpose and her to be in the right place and our home to be having the right people in it."
  • A teacher, single, adopted & raising 2 kids.

"Don't be emotionally led by other peoples stories & testimonies but knowing that you are led by the Lord and that is something you should do."

Additional Resources

Click the image for scriptures and prayer on being led by God and praying for kids.


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