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Finding God and Discovering Joy

Mistakes took Staci McKee down a destructive path that was destroying her family until she discovered a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and God's word.

Podcast Episode

Show Notes

"All the mistakes I made in my life lead me to the point that I am at now. I wouldn't change any of the mistakes that I made. I am so thankful to finally be in a place where I understand that it's not about me but about Jesus in me."

  • Choices and mistakes don't define you.

  • God loves you even as you go down the wrong paths.

  • Allow God to know you.

"I decided to let Jesus have His way with me. He began to sneak in those cracks of my heart and those walls began to break. Now for the first time in my life I had a relationship with the Lord that has completely changed who I am, changed my family, changed my marriage, changed everything about me."

Steps to freedom

  1. Celebrate Recovery 12 step process

  2. Read Bible

  3. Pray

  4. Surrounding self with strong Christian woman who may have been through something like she has.


Additional Resources

Click the image for scriptures and prayer for being close to God.


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