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From 'I Should Be' to discovering 'Who I Am'

Richelle Voth's journey was filled with disappointment from a concussion to joblessness. Going through months of aloneness took her to a deeper place with God, asking questions and finding answers from God each step of the way in His timing. Richelle learned God's character is not dependent on circumstances or outcomes, thus, God is still good even if...out of a job, sick, no boyfriend, etc. Richelle has a story that many can relate to as she has chosen to trust God through it all and discovered He does all things well.

Show Notes

“The Lord used experiences I didn’t understand to platform me for another season."

When you find yourself thinking, “how much longer” or “this doesn’t make sense”, look outside the mindset of “how you think it should be”.

Where is your hope? Putting our hope in God OR in an answer?

I came to an understanding that His { Lord } character is not dependent on circumstances or outcomes... He is still good.

The Holy Spirit anchored in to me:

1. Yes you heard my voice; and faith is what motivates you to swim out into the sea.

2. Hope is the anchor that roots you in the storm.

3. Trust is what propels you or navigates your ship through a season.

A lot of the things I was striving for so intently were not things that God required of me. Thing he simply didn’t need from me. And that was actually really humbling, and that is when you meet yourself. During that season he showed me who I was. And that is the platform you can really grow from; the solidity that you can really anchor yourself in.

We all have those season of where we are and we compare with what we could be. We are daughters of the most high God and He has plans for each of us, and that should be enough. Most importantly, are we pleasing our God?


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