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Healing Through Vulnerability

In this episode, Lisa and Bridgette talk about healing that comes through Christian community. Be encouraged and challenged to pray and stand strong with those in your own circle!


Show Notes

Bridgette is an evangelist who started the ministry Sanctuary, a ministry for pastors wives.

Every week Bridgette and her husband would be sitting down with a different pastor and his wife as they traveled doing their evangelist.

Bridgette realized that these wives needed someone that understood them and to hear their heart.

She prayed about how to make the wives of the pastors feel connected, heard, and understood.

Bridgette was just 21 years old at the time so she didn’t know who would listen to her or what she’d even say. So she prayed about it.

“We can go deeper with Christ, we can go further than we ever dreamed possible, and we can go faster, if we will go together. Deeper, further, faster when we’re connected and go together.” -Lisa

A couple decades later in 2015 is when Sanctuary was created.

You don’t want to find yourself in that moment of crisis and realize how unconnected you are.

“There is power in community and there is a reason why God designed us for it. Jesus had a posse of people around him at all times but he had a small core of believers that he trusted, they prayed with him and walked with him.” -Bridgette

Leaders can feel down and discouraged at times and it can be hard to trust people. In those moments of desperation you need to be…

  1. Having the talks with Jesus

  2. Ask him to bring someone to you that you can talk too

  3. Be willing to be looking for that person that God brings into your life and take him up on it.

“God has a phenomenal track record of bringing the right person to the right place at the right time.” -Bridgette

You have to prepare for the crisis before the crisis hits. Create relationships with ones you can trust before there is a crisis.

“Then there is a day when you realize you need something and you don’t know where to look for it. Sowing some seed in friendship when you feel like you don’t need it is really really important. Be vulnerable before a crisis happens.” -Bridgette


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