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How to Go Through Difficult Things and Do it Well

Julie Wilson describes how God took her through long term, difficult circumstances, teaching her how to walk with God daily for everything she needed when faced with bad doctor reports for her baby and mother. Discover how to trust God and find His comfort as well as help reach others.


Show Notes

  • Julie went through 2 major events in her life

  • Doctors found a mass in the stomach of her 6-week-old son that ended up being cancer.

  • Getting that news was her first real experience at trusting God for a long-term situation.

"God gives you amazing grace. He doesn't give it to you before you need it, He gives it to you when you need it. But you have to watch for it."
  • 2nd major experience was her mother getting Alzheimer's Disease.

  • The family knew that God was sending them into a really dark place to be a light for others.

“When you are not focused on yourself, it frees you to actually be part of a miracle in someone else's life, possibly.”
  • God taught her to walk with Him every day, that He’ll give her His Daily Bread.

  • She didn’t know what was going to happen, but she knew she needed to trust God through it all.

  • We’re surprised when we go through difficult challenges, but the Word says we shouldn’t be surprised when we encounter many trials.

  • God gives us a way to go through difficult things and do it well.

“God cares for me, He loves me. He’s not going to put something on me that He’s not going to equip me to go through.”

Julie has a journal that she writes in every day. She just writes 2-3 sentences about the same 3 things; What am I doing? What am I praying about? What am I concerned about?

It's the same journal that she has had for years. And so, on June 1st every year she goes to that page and answers those questions. She then can see how she answered them the previous years. Same goes for September 23, or November 5, or February 17, etc.



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