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How God Changed My Life

"Life is greener on the other side!"... until crossing over to it and finding "the other side" was filled with pain and depression. Starla Ward describes how God strategically placed people in her path way to actively show His love and mercy. It's those sweet moments that strike a flame of hope that will ignite the fire in us all!


Show Notes

  • Raised in a Christian home and school.

  • In her 20's she decided to try her own thing and not follow God.

  • Lost who she was during a bad relationship.

"I was trying to find something in someone else versus actually loving myself the way the Lord saw me."
  • God was planting seeds by people coming into her life and giving encouraging words.

  • God knew what she needed before she did.

"God was just waiting for me to ask or to say 'Hey Lord, I'm ready to be what you want me to be and be in my purpose again.'"
  • God hears our prayers but may not always answer the way we want Him too.

  • God knows our hearts desire.

  • Ask God to bring you what you need.


Additional Resources

Click the images for praying scriptures over How To Live Out A Faith Life and Overcoming Challenges.


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