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Kasey Price - Passion to Pursue Prayer

Sheryl and Kasey talk about how they personally walk out their own prayer lives. Be encouraged by their stories and how they sought to keep God at the center even in the busy seasons of life.


Show Notes

Grew up with her mom who was always having them pray on the way to school. at bedtime, etc.

It was natural to be praying.

Once Kasey graduated college and started working as a teacher, she developed the habit of prayer for her own life and creating a space for prayer time and seeking the Lord each morning.

During the last 5 years of having that prayer time is when her relationship with the Lord really grew.

  • We have to decide to have this time with the Lord.

  • We have to be purposeful

Kasey is a 2nd grade teacher, so she'd pray for strength for the day and to do well at her job.

Outside of her work she'd pray for relationships with other people or others prayer needs.

“I saw the evidence of the prayers that I was praying. There were certain things that I have grown passionate to pray specifically for because I’ve seen the Lord answer the prayer in other people's lives. This deepened my relationship with the Lord and encouraged my prayer life because I saw God's hand in the prayers that I was praying for other people.”

During her prayer time in the morning is when she learned to listen and hear the voice of God

She would journal and write down whatever was on her heart, her concerns, or things that she was believing for.

As she would feel something in her spirit, she would start writing it down and it came out in cursive all of her other journaling was in print.

“Never once has the Lord not been there to fill me with hope or to give me the encouragement that I need for that day of whatever the concern is that I am praying for. Even though I don’t see the immediate results I have little pieces of hope that carry me through until I see the fruition of what I am standing on.”

We can get caught up in the request of our prayers but first and foremost we need to be thanking God and giving Him praise.

Create space to pray and be in the presence of the Lord

  • Getting ready in the morning

  • Driving in the car, turn music off and pray and listen to Him

  • Doing dishes



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