God's Strategy for Life

I like things in order. That does not mean anything in my home is in order. I open a drawer and sigh, “wish this was in order”. I shut the drawer and use the excuse that I need a strategy!...That is it, a de-clutter strategy or a minimalist strategy. Maybe I need to hire an organizer or maybe I need to listen to more podcasts-about organization. Clearly, in my mind, I could use a plan or maybe a list to remind me of what I need to do. I need to put that drawer on the list!

I truly like plans because they ensure success. I have learned the importance of following a recipe, exactly, if I intend to receive a Betty Crocker award. I love those teachers that send a rubric home with my children that becomes a road map to an A on an important paper. I understand the expectations of the teacher and can help my child achieve the desired outcome. I want to have a never-fail blueprint that says, “this is the way you should do it”.

So, I bought a BIG Martha Stewart homemaking encyclopedia. It tells you how to do everything from fix a faucet to proper cleaning, cooking and storing clothing and furs. (I don’t have a fur but now I could store one.) Step by step, its directions are clear and precise. I feel certain that I would be able to do anything that was in that book.

I like strategy!

It comes from the Greek word meaning generalship or leading an army. Strategy is defined as the art and science of marshaling and planning resources for their most efficient and effective use.

I think God has a quite a strategy. His strategy did not look like any strategy I would have ever created. The Crucification would have been a problem for me, if I had even advanced past “Now, how do you build a cross?” How about the plan of Resurrection - returning to life after death or Redemption …Would we ever be able to love in that capacity?

I now know that God is the supreme strategist. I recently have been perusing the Word of God in a new way. I am looking for strategies and how to ’s:

  1. First, I learned how to build an ark and then how to build a tabernacle and wall. Digging deeper, I recognized that the Bible is a complete life strategy. The Bible is a roadmap to God's plans.

  2. It teaches us how to overcome and do anything “that pertains to life and godliness”.

  3. It is a manners guide on how to behave, become and be.

Those words are life instructions and how to’s, a wife’s guide, a guide for wisdom and a song book for praise. Start using your strategy for life. Open Proverbs 1 and begin with instructions and strategies for understanding, wisdom, justice, knowledge and discretion. Let’s see how many strategies you can find and implement. Oh, and that drawer…. Clean! Want my strategy? 1 Cor. 14:40 “Let all things be done decently and in order.”