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The Power of Prayer and Trusting God with 10 Children

Roberta's story of seeking God through His Word and recognizing the power of prayer in her marriage and each child she had all the way to 10 children! Her passion for her family and relying on God to lead her in her journey is inspiring for all parents.


Show Notes

  • She knew she couldn't do things on her own so she had to trust God

  • She would go away to a hotel for a night to hear God's voice, pray, & get versus.

  • Need to ask if you are including God in your lives.

"Infiltrate and engage non believers."
  • Any child is a gift from God.

  • Spending time with our children is important.

"I would tell God that I can't do this and He'd tell that He knows I can't but He can."
  • Reassure kids that you love them and that God loves them.

  • Parenting isn't for whimps

  • Marriage is tough.

  • Pray together

  • Read bible together

Keys to Creating a Legacy as a Mother of 10

  1. Pray

  2. Trust God

  3. Sought God

  4. He'll answer you

  5. Gives words of hope

  6. Instill a pattern in your children


Additional Resources

Click the images for scripture and prayer for our children and living a faith life.


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