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Thriving as a Mother and Wife

Lisa Fenimore, a mother of 3, a cancer survivor, and wife to a cancer survivor, gives us a glimpse at how she finds ways to thrive in the midst of difficult circumstances. She brings great ideas on ways to stay healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Show Notes

  • Mother & Wife with cancer

  • 3 kids

  • Husband had a tumor

  • Moving to new state

  • Try to keep home joyful

  • Take moment to refresh even if you need to lock yourself in the bathroom for a moment.

"As a mother especially going through transitional times I didn't see the need for my own mental health."
  • Extravert mom

  • Being stay home mom can be exhausting

  • When she is being herself, how God made her, she is honoring God

  • You aren't just a servant to your family


Additional Resources

Click on the image for scriptures and prayers on healing and having God's strength.

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