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Discovering and Living with a Type 1 Diabetic Child

Amy Calvert learned her 7 year old daughter had Type 1 Diabetes. Completely crushed and questioning God, listen to how Amy found her way out of the circumstances and into a life of totally trusting God.

Podcast Episode

Show Notes

  • Thought daughter had a cold.

"My mind wasn't thinking, God's got this. My mind was thinking, what in the world is going on and why are you doing this to us?"
  • There are restrictions with her daughter but they know they need to let her be a child to live and experience life.

"I don't know how people that don't have God and Jesus with them make it."
  • God trusted Amy & her husband with a child of diabetes, to where too much insulin given and her daughter could die.

  • With the Lord, Amy and her husband will be able to handle this condition. They trust and lean on God for help.

Amy was mad at God and questioning Him but God said to her, I never left you. I was there every moment with you. I had ordained every step to make sure Avery was going to thrive. You have to trust and know that I love this child more than you do and that I am going to keep her safe and secure.

5 Miracles the day Avery was diagnosed

  1. Pediatrician knew within 2 minutes of seeing Avery that she had diabetes and got her on an ambulance.

  2. Pink ambulance showed up and pink just happens to be Avery's favorite color.

  3. Paramedic on ambulance told Amy that she is Type 1 diabetic and has also had it since she was 7 years old.

  4. 2 of Amy's cousins are nurses and both happened to be working that day at that hospital in the ICU to where they could care for Avery.

  5. Head doctor for the hospital is a lady that Amy use to babysit who happened to be on call that day to where she became Avery's doctor.


Additional Resources

Click the images for scriptures and pray over Healing For Kids and How to Have God's Strength


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