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Who's Shoes are you Trying on?

There's pressure to blend in and be like someone else in order to fit in. Carrie inspires us to be who YOU ARE TO BE. Like David, he refused to wear Saul's armor to fight the battle and ultimately won by being who he was made to be. Know who you are and be that person for God's glory!

Show Notes

  • Be comfortable with the gifts God has given you.

  • We aren't going to have the same gifts as others do.

  • Trust God with what He has given you in the season that you are in.

"We want to be comfortable with what we have in the moment when God says GO."

  • Don't try and be like someone else and use their tools that God has given them or their gifts. Be you.

  • Be confident in what God has given you to get you through each of your seasons of life.


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