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Staying Healthy with Self Care via Life Coaching

What is one of the top issues people may need to address in their life today to stay healthy? Patty Gerstenberger of Crosspoint Coaching describes self care and the value it brings to one's life. To connect with Patty for life coaching in person or via technology:


Show Notes

  • Counseling is more about healing. Life Coaching is when you have a goal and you need help with that or even transition with a relationship.

  • One big struggle that most people have is self care; which is having a healthy relationship with yourself.

  • It is okay to rest, to have some down time without feeling guilty.

"We all want connection but if we're doing our own thing and not paying attention to our own selves then we are still an island."
  • Need to open ourselves up to our family and they can understand what self care you need and they can help with that.

To reach out to Patty for coaching, check on her website:


Additional Resources

Click on the image for scripture and prayer on finding joy and peace.



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