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Daily Obedience to God's Voice

Stephanie Fuson shares impactful stories of how God uses her throughout her mundane activities to speak into stranger's lives with our host, Sheryl Kloehr. Stephanie shares how one question opens the door for God to use your day in unexpected, rewarding, and powerful ways.

Podcast Episode

Show Notes

  • Ask the Lord everyday to see how He can work through you that day to help someone else.

  • Pay attention to when you are prompted by the Lord.

"When you spend time with the Lord people can tell there's some kind of difference. They may not always know what it is but they do know there's something."
  • Allow ourselves to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

  • God gives us gifts so He can speak through us.

When obeying God

- It makes faith arise

- Can lead a stranger to salvation when you connect with them in a time of their need and show them Jesus' love.

"If God has called you to do something He is going to equip you to be able to do it."


Additional Resources

Click the image for scriptures and prayer on being led by God and experiencing God.


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