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What is iRefresh

What is iRefresh and what do they do? Meet the original friends who came together to pray and take on a vision to pray, encourage, and inspire other women to have an encounter with God that forever changes their life.


Show Notes

Learn what iRefresh is and the original team who came together to seek God for how they could encourage other women through prayer and God's Word. They started in 2008 and have developed a guide that is can direct a small group how to discover each other's gifts and complement each other during prayer for each other and for others they pray for. Training is available to complement the book and discover the wonderful presence of God when coming together with a heart to serve, in humility, and open to the Lord's leading in prayer. Sheryl Kloehr, Laura Watson, Christy Waters and Veronica Scott testify of their experiences that they desire others to receive when they choose to serve others.

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